7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Spring or Summer Scarf

A scarf is a sophisticated and versatile accessory that looks great on almost everyone. Unfortunately, some people find scarves intimidating because they don't know how to tie that gauzy piece of fabric in a way that makes good fashion sense.
If you don't wear a scarf because you're worried you do it wrong, please let that fear float away. Using a scarf is all about making it your own, and there is no wrong way to wear it. Do yourself a favor this season, and buy a lightweight scarf in a pretty pattern you love. Here are seven great ways to wear it. Once you've found your favorites, you'll be coming up with unique ways to style your scarf on your own.

Loop it once

The easiest and most traditional way to wear a long scarf is to loop it loosely one time around your neck, letting the ends hang down in front of you on either side. If you want the ends to be shorter, loop it twice.

Tie a knot in each end

Knots can be cute details, especially in scarves. Tie a knot in each end of your scarf about 2 inches from the end. Then hang it around your neck. It's an effortless look that will instantly brighten your outfit.

Go with the cowgirl tie

This is a cute look to use with a bandana-style scarf, but you can use it with any square scarf.
Fold your scarf in half, corner to corner, creating a triangle. Tie the ends together, and slip your head through the opening you've created. Pull the scarf open in front of you, allowing the tip of the triangle to hang down.
You can also shift the scarf so that the triangle is over your shoulder. This works best with a larger scarf.

Dress up a straw hat

Scarves are adorable tied around the brim of a floppy, straw hat. Knot it against the brim for a neater look, or let the ends hang down your back with a romantic flair.

Knot it like a necklace

Drape your scarf around your neck, letting the two ends hang down in front of you. Then take the ends in one hand, and tie them together in a knot.

The result looks like a fabric necklace.

Tuck it in to a skinny belt

A pretty work dress can be beautifully accessorized with a light scarf. Simply let the scarf hang around your neck, and tuck the ends inside a skinny belt around your waist.

Knot it at the neck

For a retro look, tie your scarf in a tight knot at the side of your neck. You can tie up the ends or let them hang. This works best with a shorter scarf.
Scarves are a fun, expressive addition to an outfit. They can add a pop of color, take a look from casual to dressy or turn a boring outfit into something personal.
What will you do with your scarves this spring and summer? Test these tips, and then use them as inspiration for ideas of your own.

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