Do you wish to have 24/7 access to luxurious items from a trusted store? Do you wish to do your shopping from a physical store who still have an online shopping store as well? Then look no further as Harrods in a department store to trust when doing your shopping on these luxury items.

Harrods store is physically located in Knights bridge London. This is one of historical attraction in the city of London, and it attracts millions of people every year. For those who love shopping well sited at their workstations on in their homes then Harrods store is a solution to this as they have a website that customers can just visit and do all there shopping.

To be honest, this is one of the websites designed to favor it, customers, as it is easy to navigate and locating items is not a problem at all. There is a search button where customers may just type the names of the items they wish to shop on this website and all the results available is displayed for you. You may as well use the online catalog number to find and shop for these items.

Those who like to keep up with the latest fashion will love Harrods online shopping store as they got blogs, tips and some update on the latest fashion available in the market. Harrods has not only gained much fame over the last few years but also ranked and rated as the best online shopping store. You as a new member visiting the store you don’t need to sign up to make any purchase you may choose to visit as a guest and do your orders in a simple and convenient way.

Additional Information About Harrods Department Store

This amazing store has recorded up to 15 million visitors each year. Thus we can judge we have the best customer services here the store is also famous for both household items and luxury items. Being one of the most tourist attraction the building occupies 90,000 square feet, and the real owners of this multi billion store is a royal family of Qatar.

This store was initially managed and owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, but he sold it to the royal family in the year 2010 at a value of $1.5 billion. This store can be dated back to the year 1849, and the founding father was Charles Henry Harrod and gave it the name which becomes a landmark.

In the year 1861 Charles Digby Harrod who was soon to Harrod the father transformed this store it a bigger departmental store which becomes known and loved by many shoppers by 1880 there were over 100 employees who worked into different departments of the store which had grown to sell cloths, perfumes, and medicine.

Bigger and Better

A major blow hit this biggest online store in London in 1883 when there was fire outbreak which demolished the store, but Charles Harrods rebuilt the store and expanded it once again. He had to build trust to his customers so he sent a short note explaining to them that their order was delayed due to fire, but they were not to worry as everything was being contained and grantee them they would receive what they ordered in the shortest time possible.

This resulted in a good year for the store where it recorded a high number of sales and profit for the company. Charles hired an architect by the name Charles Williams Stephen to come up with a design model of expanding and rebuild a mega store. Everyone who has ever been in London this is a place to visit and enjoy luxuries decorations, amazing surrounding and a large range of goods.