How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt Collar for Your Face Shape

Sweep. Point. Round. Classic. Sometimes, deciding which collar for a dress shirt to buy can feel more like blind guessing than choosing. As a luxury executive in Manhattan, I've worked with many of the top fashion brands, and I've become a sort of everyone's fashion expert. The truth is, choosing a collar is easy if you just know where to start: the shape of your face. Here's how.
Contrary to popular opinion, a round face is not a chubby one (although it can be). For our purposes, “round” simply means what it says: lower cheekbones with more prominent, fleshy cheeks than jaw-line; rounded chin; sometimes larger, more circular eyes; a wider nose. If your face fits this description, or you're a little short-necked, try a point collar. The sharper, narrower angles of a point collar, and the point itself, will balance out a round face and give a little chisel to your soft edges. This is often the best collar for muscular, built broad-shouldered men, too.
In many ways the opposite of the round face, if your face has a sharp jaw-line, a pointier nose, smaller eyes and a stronger chin, try a spread or sweep collar. As its name suggests, this type of collar sweeps outward, softening your hard edges and bringing some width to narrow faces. This is often the best collar for tall, wiry men, too.
Although the term oval isn't as gracious as it should be, it refers to a face that is best described as simply “average.” It is the shape of most faces, neither long and angular nor compact and round. As you might imagine, the classic, oval face demands a classic collar. Unlike the point and spread collars that work their magic in opposition to the shape of the face, the classic collar works to agree with it. Of average height, spread and sharpness, the classic collar can work for most everyone. Need a shirt in a hurry and don't have time to pick and choose, snag a classic collar. As its name suggest, you can't go wrong.

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