How to Wrap a Skirt

Contrary to popular belief, shopping for women's clothes can be a total drag. Although every woman deserves a well-fitted garment, all clothes are not created equal. A skirt that fits in the hip may be too large in the waist, or a form-fitting dress might go on like a glove and pull tight at the hem, leaving you in fashion frustration. Fed up with fit disasters? Try a simple solution, and choose a versatile garment like the wrap skirt.
What You'll Need:
One wrap skirt
+ Open your fantastic new wrap skirt all the way, untying the ties if necessary. Most wrap skirts have a single tie on each side.
+ Take a skirt tie in each hand and hold it out in front of you at waist level, so that the waist of the skirt matches your waist.
+ Pull the skirt against your body, and then pull the ties to the middle of your back.
+ Switch hands at the back of your body, so that you are holding the opposite tie in each hand. Pull the ties back to the front of your body, overlapping the skirt.
+ Make a bow at your front. If you don't like the front-facing bow, you can reverse the steps to tie the dress in the back or at the side.
Helpful Hint: Most wrap skirts are adaptable, so don't feel like you're stuck with one style. Call on your own sense of fashion to transform your skirt into another garment, like a strapless top or dress.

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