Recycling Your Old Clothes

It’s reached the point where you think you need a new wardrobe because all of the clothes sitting in your closets and drawers are so out dated you’d rather go naked than be caught wearing them. Well, don’t set yourself up for gossip, or a mental evaluation, by acting irrational when you can wear your old clothes and know you are just as much in style as the woman who owns a fashion boutique.


Don’t look at your old jeans as items worthy of nothing more than a toss in the trash. Patched and torn jeans are in the stream of fashion these days, so get out your sewing needle and put a few minutes of your time into turning what is old into something new in the way of fashion by sewing denim patches on your worn jeans. Consider yourself dressed to go if you decide to leave your tattered jeans as they are. If you feel they are just too worn for your taste, cut those jeans into patches you can put on another pair of old denim jeans you’d like to recycle. Another way to recycle an old pair of jeans is to cut off the legs and wear them as shorts, or capris. Once cut down to size, your new shorts or capris can be decorated with lace, or patched with print material. Use an old print blouse you’ve grown tired of to make the patches with.


If you have an old blazer, you can wear it with a striped shirt, or a crisp white blouse. Blazers are still in style, and even more so when the sleeves are pushed up just above the elbows. Wearing your blazer this way will turn your old jacket into apparel your friends will think you just purchased. Make sure to push the sleeves up on the shirt you wear underneath the blazer as well.


Boots have never left the fashion stage, and thigh high boots are hotter than ever right now. So if you have a pair of these sexy charmers collecting dust in your closet, give them a wave of your magic dust want and put them on your feet for a hot fashion look. ‘But my old boots are white. Nobody wears white boots anymore,’ you think to yourself. White go go boots are still in style, and so are ankle boots. Try hot gluing an artificial flower to the sides of your old ankle boots if they are unadorned to give them a new look.


Knee-high socks and socks that end above the knee are in style now, so if you bought socks such as these a long time ago and rarely wear them, take them out of your drawer and wear them with a short skirt. Tights are also fashionable when worn under thigh-high socks, and if your old tights have a hole in the toe area, the socks will hide it well.

Evening Gowns

An evening gown with a slit that goes up one leg and ends at the top of the thigh is stylish now, as is a gown with a slit that goes up the center and ends where the imagination begins in the minds of men. If you happen to have a plain old evening gown tucked away in the back of your closet, think about using your scissors, and your imagination, to make a recycled evening gown you can call your own. Use trimming, sequins, or beads to decorate your gown with.

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